Huawei bringing foldable phone like Samsung Z Flip, design revealed

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After samsung Huvway (Huawei) Is one of the first smartphone companies to bring foldable smartphones to the market. Huawei has so far launched two foldable smartphones Mate X and Mate Xs. The company is now working on a new foldable smartphone. According to the report, Huawei’s new smartphone will be a clamshell foldable phone like Samsung’s Z Flip and Motorola Razr.

A patent filed at the China National Intellectual Property Office suggests that Huawei’s phone will be flip-style. It will get a cover display and two rear cameras. The design suggests that it will be very much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, its cover display is going to be slightly larger than other phones.

huawei foldable phone

This will be the design of the phone
The phone’s dual rear camera and cover display will be provided together. Design patent photos do not show any type of front camera. If GSMArena’s report is to be believed, it may be that the rear camera of the phone also works for selfie and the cover is used as a display view finder. Explain that the punch hole camera has been given on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip inside display, while the Nokia Razer 2020 inner display has a notch for the selfie camera.

When this Huawei phone will be launched, nothing can be said about it right now. The phone’s patent was filed in April. It may take a long time to get into the market right now. Let us know that the company launched the first foldable phone Mate X in 2019. Then in early 2020, Huawei brought the Mate Xs smartphone.

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