How to earn money from Instagram, know all the ways here

How to earn money from Instagram, know all the ways here

Do you know that you can also earn money by sharing videos on Instagram. If you are also active on Instagram then you can earn through your posts and reels. But for this you have to first convert your account from normal account to professional account. Here in this article, we will first give you information about how to convert normal account to professional account. After this, in this article, we will tell some such ways, through which you can earn on Instagram.

how to create professional account in instagram

When we create an account on Instagram, it is a normal account. To earn money from Instagram, you have to switch your normal account to professional account. There are also two types of professional accounts on Instagram. One of these is the creator account and the other is the business account.

step 1 : First of all, click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ menu.


Step 2: Here you have to tap on Account Type and Tools.


Step 3: A new page will open, in which tap on Switch to Professional Account. Here you have to proceed by following some instructions.


Step 4: Here you will get two options – Creator Account and Business Account.


If you have an Instagram account for a business, then select the business account and if you are a normal creator, click on the creator account. In this way you can switch your normal account to professional account.

This is how money can be earned from Instagram

becoming an influencer

If you have a good following on Instagram, then you can promote the product by becoming an influencer. As we said, for this you should have more followers on Instagram only then big brands will collaborate with you. Along with this, it is also important that you followers listen to you and there is good engagement on your post. You can earn well by becoming an influencer on Instagram.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are similar business models. But in affiliate marketing, you get paid only when a user buys a product or service from your link. Whereas you get direct money for sponsored posts. Affiliate marketing is quite challenging because your followers should be like this, then use any product or service on your point. Instagram only allows users to put clickable links in the bio. In such a situation, you can earn money from Instagram through promo code.

instagram shop

You can shop e-commerce store through Instagram account. In this way, you can promote the product by putting post, story and reel on Instagram. For example, if you have a clothing store, you can sell your clothes online through your Instagram account. If you have good quality stuff then you can grow fast on Instagram.

caption writing

You need a caption for a post on Instagram. You can earn money by writing captions for other Instagram users. Some brands often use Instagram to market their products and services, but they need catchy captions. You can earn money by writing captions.

Instagram Consultant

If you are an expert Instagram player, then you can help other users as a consultant. Many users are struggling to increase their Instagram followers and earn money from Instagram. You can help such users as an Instagram consultant. In this way you can earn well.

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creating digital artwork

If you are good at creating artworks like posters, photos, paintings, animations and videos then you can earn money on Instagram through these digital artworks. Many brands, companies and users are in need of digital artwork on Instagram. You can do freelance work by sharing your sample artworks. By creating artwork on Instagram, you can earn well from this platform.

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