Government employees should not use these apps even after forgetting, strict action will be taken, know the new policy here

New Delhi. The Government of India has prohibited its employees from using third party and non-government cloud platforms. This includes apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. Along with this, government employees have also been prohibited from using Virtual Private Network (VPN). Recently, popular VPN service providers NordVPN and ExpressVPN were announced to be removed from India.

This was announced in view of the new VPN policy of the country. According to the reports, the National Informatics Center (NIC) has also passed an order regarding this and has sent it to all the ministries. The government has also given strict instructions to all government employees regarding this. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has also passed an order regarding this.

Big change in VPN policy-

This order has come after the new VPN policy of the government. It was said in the new VPN policy that VPN service providers and data center companies will have to save user data for five years. The new policy is in a way against the core idea of ​​VPN. Apart from VPN and cloud services, the Indian government has also given new orders to employees regarding ‘unauthorized remote administration tools’, which include AnyDesk and Ammy Admin.

You will not be able to use external e-mail for official work.

Also, government employees have been asked not to use external e-mail service for any official work. This also includes internal sensitive meetings, do not use any other app in this too. For the scanner service also, the Government of India has ordered its employees not to use any app. Scanning has also been stopped from any such app which is document official.

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