Google’s app will now have to be charged, will be able to use the subscription

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Google Photos is an app that is visible in almost all Android devices and some iPhones as well. A large number of users use this app for photo backup. Not only this, Google also allows users to edit photos. However, soon the users may have to pay for it. According to the report, users will have to take a Google One subscription to use some editing tools in Google Photos.

According to the report by XDA Developers, Google is going to make some filters of its Photos app paid. Google One subscription will be required to unlock these filters. This change of Google will be seen in Photos App version 5.18. At the same time, some users claim that subscription has started being sought from them.

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A UK user said via Twitter post that they have been asked to take Google One subscription to unlock the Color Pop filter present in the Photos app. Users have also shared screenshots of this. The company itself also says that soon premium service is coming for this app, after which users are going to get great photo editing tools.

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Edit photos like this editing tool
Users can edit their photos for free through the Photos app.
First open the Photos app and go to the photo that has to be edited.
Tap on the Adjustment icon below the photo.
Now you can use tools like Crop, Adjust and Filters.
There is also an option for Suggestions and users are able to choose one of the three different filters.

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