Google discontinued this popular app, learn details

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Google Your Trusted Contacts have been closed. This Google app has been removed from the Play Store and Apple App Store. The company has said that it will also discontinue its support from 1 December 2020. Google has been taking such steps to improve its products and services for some time now. Google discontinued Google Latitude and Google + location sharing before the Trusted Contacts app.

Launched in 2016
Google launched the Trusted Contax app in 2016. Through this, users could share device activity status and location with their favorite contact. Initially, the company was offering this service only to Android users. However, it was later made available on the Apple App Store for iOS as well.

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Email information
Google informed the users of the trusted contacts in an email about its closure. It states that location sharing has now been combined with Google Maps and for this reason there is no longer a need for a trusted contact. The company also said that it can no longer be downloaded from the Play Store. However, Google has made it clear that the users who already have it, they can use it till 1 December 2020.

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Preparing to end the hangout
In the same way, Google has gradually started to shift hangout users to chat. Google Chat is now a part of Google Workspace. Google has launched Workspace as a rebranded version of the G-suite. From November 2020, all users will be prompted by Google to use Meet instead of Hangout for video calling. The company is scheduled to officially close the hangout support next year.

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