Fit this device of Rs 199 with electricity meter, the bill will start coming in less than half

New Delhi. Electricity bill starts coming high in summer. In such a situation, you adopt many ways to save the bill. Today we are going to tell you one such way by which the electricity bill of your house can be reduced by half. One device is available in the market. As soon as it is fitted in the house, the electricity bill of your house will be reduced by more than 40%. So let’s know from where you can buy this device-

You can easily buy Saimax SAI3G Power Saver device from Flipkart. Its price is Rs 750 and it can be bought for just Rs 199 after 73% discount. Along with this, many bank offers are also running on it. 10% discount will be available on payment by ICICI Bank Credit Card. Also, there will be a 10% discount on payment by Kotak Bank Credit Card. 10% discount will be available on payment with ICICI Bank Debit Card.

After ordering today, it will be delivered to your doorstep by August 14th. In addition, you also get many modes in it. You can also adjust it according to the lighting of the house. Its direct function is to save electricity. Also it works only on Phase 1. The color of this device comes only white. 7 Days Replacement Policy is also applicable on this.

If you have more ACs running in your house then you can use it. But before that you have to ask the engineer. He will first check the load of your house, only then it will be fitted. The company claims that up to 40% of electricity can be saved after installing this device. In addition, it also protects against short circuit in the house. The company has launched this device some time ago. In case of physical damage, the warranty will be voided by the company.

(Disclaimer: All the information given in the news has been given on the basis of the claims of the company. We have not used this device. Before buying, you must also get other information related to the device.

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