Face Mask Equipped With Tiny Air Purifier – These masks are equipped with a small Air Purifier, will look common but are very high-tech


  • This mask is equipped with air purifier
  • Their cost is more than ordinary masks
  • Effective on pollution to bacteria etc.

New Delhi. It has been seen many times that common masks are not effective in protecting against viruses and bacteria. Despite using these masks, many people have come under the grip of coronavirus. In such a situation, for those who often travel in crowds and want some extra protection, mask manufacturing companies have now started a new initiative. Darshan Some companies are preparing such masks in which air purifier is installed. This air purifier works in the same way as the home air purifier, although its size is much smaller and it fits in a mask. Today we are going to tell you about some such Moscow in which built-in air purifier is being given.

Philips Fresh Air anti-pollution mask, Superior breathing comfort with 4 stage filtration ACM067/01 (Black)

The Philips Fresh Air Mask comes with a special kind of fan module that reduces the Xiaomi DT as well as prevents the rise in temperature and CO2 levels, thereby making breathing easier. Four stage filtration is offered in this air purifier so that the air reaching you is pollution free. This mask claims to eliminate up to 95 percent of harmful pollutants. Although its price is more than any lover. Let us tell you that the price of face mask on Amazon is Rs 6850.

AURA AIR Smart Electric Air Purifier Mask – Black

This smart electric air purifier mask is also very special as it also claims to clean polluted air. This is a non washable mask that offers four layer protection which filters the air to prevent pollution from reaching you. In this you are given an integrated turbine as well as a comfy strap which keeps the mask on your face. While wearing this mask, full care has been taken that you do not have suffocation, the turbine given in it works at its full capacity as well as prevents humidity and carbon dioxide from stagnating inside the mask. With the mask, you are offered all its attachments including the charging cable so that you are completely protected. This mask is equipped with the best technology and coronavirus can be useful to protect you from pollution etc. If we talk about its price, then it is available in the market for Rs 2900.

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