Excitel brings cheap plan with smoky speed of 400Mbps, all internet work will be done in a pinch

New Delhi. Excitel is one such company that provides internet connection and has quickly captured the market in a very short span of time. Compared to other companies, this company provides cheap plans. Excitel is the first company that is providing 400Mbps speed for just Rs 599. Yes, 400Mbps speed. With this speed, you will be able to do all the internet work in a pinch. Let us know what else will be available in this plan.

Details of Excitel’s Rs 599 plan:

With 400Mbps speed, you can work on multiple apps at the same time and use the internet without any hassle. With 400Mbps speed, dozens of users can access the internet simultaneously without any lag issues. This new high-speed plan offers users faster upload and download speeds.

You can binge watch your favorite shows without buffering. At this speed, you can comfortably watch 4K videos online and that too without buffering. Also you can do buffer-free online gaming. With this you can easily play games like Free Fire, Modern Combat and Assassins Creed. Your experience will be good in terms of gaming. Let us tell you once that you will get 400Mbps speed in Excitel’s Rs 599 plan.

Let us inform that earlier fiber broadband network Excitel had introduced a new offer. This is the company’s introductory offer. In this, 300Mbps plan is being given to the users. Its price is less than 600 rupees. There will be no onboarding charge for this. If seen, this is a tremendous plan of the company and can give tough competition to other companies. Click here to read full news

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