Even 5 year old phone will start giving speed like iPhone, this small chip is nothing less than magic

New Delhi. Smartphone speed is very important for everyone. Everyone wants to buy a smartphone which has better speed. Today we are not going to tell you any new smartphone, but we are going to tell you about renewing the old smartphone. There are many such devices available in the market, which will make the phone speed up and the features will also become like a brand new smartphone.

You can buy 1Set HM55 Motherboard I3 both online and offline. It is available at the shops in the market. If you want to buy it online then you have to go to ‘AliExpress’. This is a Chinese e-commerce site. From here you can easily shop. It can be easily fitted with mobile.

These devices can be fitted by asking the engineer-

You should ask the mobile engineer before you fit in the mobile. Because only the engineer will be able to give you information about this. But after installing this motherboard, you are definitely going to get double the speed of the phone. Also you will not have any problem with it. If you want, you can fit it in the phone itself. It acts as a speed booster that attaches to the motherboard of the phone.

If you order it from Chinese website it will be delivered within 20-40 days. But for this you will have to pay Rs 1,379 separately. Because it will not be given free delivery. The price of this device is Rs 3,591. You can buy it with 56% discount. Its MRP is Rs 8,169. In this you get mute fan inbuilt. You get 4G DDR3 memory in the motherboard. It is made from ABS + Plastic.

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