Dial these 6 numbers as soon as Bank Fraud happens, money will come back, thieves will be caught!

New Delhi. After the arrival of online banking, many types of frauds have also started appearing. To prevent all such frauds, it is very important for the customers to be aware. Even after doing awareness and all other things, if fraud happens with you then you can get money back by calling an easy number. Not only this, calling on this number means that immediately action will be started against the thieves.

The government is also continuously taking steps to stop online fraud. This is the reason why 155260 helpline number was started sometime back. This helpline works like a virtual police station in a way. But remember that before calling this number, you should have all the information related to the fraud that happened to you. After that you can register your complaint on this number.

This helpline is operated by the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center with the help of RBI, Payment Banks and other major banks. Not only this, as soon as the complaint is registered on this, immediate action is also started. Along with this, the police station is also informed about this. It is the responsibility of the local police to provide information about the fraud with you to the investigating agency.

Also, the specialty of this helpline is that it was launched directly under the supervision of the Union Home Ministry. Also, the Ministry of Home Affairs keeps a direct watch on it. The money has also been got back after many people complained. The acknowledgment number is also reached on the mobile number of the victim within a few hours of making the complaint. With the help of this number, you can check the status of your complaint.

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