Charger-headphones not with iPhone 12, company explains the reason for your benefit

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Apple has launched the new iPhone 12 series on 13 October. Four models – iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max have been launched under the series. In these smartphones, the company has given features such as better processor, better low-light photography and special night mode in selfie camera. However, the iPhone 12 series is also in great discussion about its box. Actually, this time the company has reduced the size of the box, as well as Apple Charger or headphones are not being provided with the device.

Apple says that the company has taken this decision keeping the environment in mind. According to Apple, removing the charger and earpods from the box reduces the size of the packaging by 70 percent, along with the ability to ship the device. Explain that Apple’s goal is to become 100 percent carbon neutral by 2030. In such a situation, the company can also have the ‘benefit’ of this decision with the company.

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The company also gave a big reason
The company has now issued a more detailed statement regarding this decision. Apple’s iPhone marketing voice president Kayan Drain said in an interview to the ‘Good Morning America’ show that most iPhone buyers already have these accessories. Apart from this, the company also wants to reduce e-waste or e-waste by not allowing chargers and lightning cables. This will directly benefit the environment.

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What will be found in the box
Apple may not be providing the charger in the iPhone 12 box, but the company is also providing USB Type-C to Lightning cable. Through this cable you will also be able to charge your iPhone through USB Type C adapter. Also, wireless charging feature has also been provided in the iPhone 12 series.

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