Celebrate #RewardYourself and happiness with Samsung Galaxy device this festive season; Get 10% Cashback and 50% Off on Samsung Care +

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The year 2020 began like any normal year. However, we know that after 10 months have passed, how things have changed. The whole world is in the grip of the COVID-19 epidemic and social distancing has become an everyday word. What used to be normal has been left behind. This new truth has changed the way we live, work, shop, travel, study and meet each other. Hugs, high-fives and handshakes have become a thing of the past, homes have now become new work stations, makeupshifts are the new cool gym, video calls have become a favorite place to hangout, and everyone has their insides Has also aroused the chef.

With so much happening, 2020 has definitely been a year of acceptance for change, we have learned to be more patient than ever before and understand our family, to deal with any untoward and future challenges We are getting ready and moving slowly. However, the matter does not end here. As the world is slowly opening up and moving towards the ‘New Normal’, we are adjusting ourselves once again. This year (2020) has been very demanding for all and hard work has been done for where we all are today. Keeping expectations and going through difficult times is not easy. To show this courage we need to reward ourselves. It is a festive season in India and people are obviously looking for a festive mood. So, the time has come for us to celebrate and reward ourselves during this festive season. Samsung has come up with a great plan for this.

To make the celebration of this celebration better and grand, Samsung is offering the best technology and products of its Samsung Galaxy Range range. In this way, the company is giving us a chance to reward ourselves and celebrate this difficult year. Ours #RewardYourself Through the campaign, Samsung is asking us to focus on ourselves while showing self-love gestures and giving ourselves the best gift that we really deserve. Samsung’s Galaxy line has a long range of products that, along with superb technology, join the list of devices required by most of us. With a lot of festival joy, ‘Rewarding Yourself’ gets even better as Samsung is offering 50% discount on Samsung Care + with 10% cashback. To make your happiness not less, Samsung has also included Galaxy products like Galaxy Note 20 Series, Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy M Series, Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds. With Samsung Care +, you get Accidental and Liquid Damage Cover for one year which can give you a relaxed feeling. Is this #RewardYourself Is there a safe way to?

Every year, we give gifts to our families during the festive season. We will do so this year as well, but now we need to focus on ourselves as well. This time, let this year be a little different, because you can give yourself some essential things for your work and rest, as well as for me-time and health. #RewardYourself are doing.

The time has come for #RewardYourself with the best technology in the Samsung Galaxy range.

Disclaimer: This article has been written by the Spotlight team of Times Internet on behalf of Samsung.

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