Canon launched a special camera for content creators, know its benefits in 10 points

New Delhi. In the last few years, an emerging market of content creators has been seen across the world. Due to the fast and cheap internet, many Indians not only like to create content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, but millions of people also like to watch this content. Canon, a famous company that makes cameras for content creators, has recently launched a special camera in India. Canon has added this latest camera to its mirrorless camera lineup series EOS R. The name of this camera of Canon is EOS R10. The main focus of this new APS-C sensor camera is for video bloggers and content creators.

The special thing is that Canon has also started a special kind of event with the launch of this camera. This event has also been designed for content creators only and with this event, Canon will work to inspire people to tell their own stories. Canon is planning to organize this event in 20 cities in India in the next few months.

This camera’s compact size, built-in popup-style flash and microphone make it a great choice for vloggers and professional photographers. If you are a parent and want to capture special moments of your kids with the help of photos or videos then this camera is perfect for you. Apart from this, if you are a traveler and want to capture your travel experiences or if you are looking for a camera for YouTuber, Vlogger or content creation, then this camera can prove to be a great option for you. Know about the special features and price range of this camera

If we talk about the design of this camera, then it is mirrorless and compact. The special thing is that the weight of this camera is very light and its weight is only 429 grams. This is the reason that professional vloggers or even common people can easily use it in everyday life. Aluminum alloy body has been used for this camera.

sensor system
24.2 MP developed sensor will be seen in this camera. Due to this, this camera is capable of shooting 15 fps high speed. Apart from this, this camera also has a small size APS-C image sensor, which can prove to be very great for any vlogger.

great image quality
This Canon camera has a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor. Additional telephoto effect is seen in this camera. This effect is achieved by increasing the focal length by 1.6 x and retaining the 24.2 megapixel resolution. The special thing is that with the help of this process, users also get a lot of creative freedom during post processing. Wide normal ISO speed range is seen in this camera from 100 to 32000. With the EOS R10 camera, clean low-noise images can be achieved even in low light conditions.

pre-shooting mode
The pre-shooting mode of this camera is a special feature which proves to be very useful for street photography and sports events. Some amazing pictures can be clicked with the help of this feature because during this feature the recording starts 0.5 seconds before the shutter release.

in-camera panorama
For the first time in this Canon EOS camera, this will be seen when the Panorama Shot feature (SCN mode) will be available. Very beautiful panorama shots can be clicked with the help of EOS R10 camera. The special thing is that this camera can capture 200 shots at a time and provides high-resolution and high-quality panorama shots by merging the cameras.

in-camera focus bracketing
This camera has a focus bracketing feature. With the help of this feature, users can set the range of 2-999 shots and can achieve wide depth of field inside a shot, which gives a particular depth of view in any picture.

reliable autofocus feature
This mirrorless digicam will come with the Digic X image processing engine and the autofocus capability of this camera is similar to that of the EOS R3 camera, which makes the autofocus feature of this camera very reliable and responsive, even when users try to click dynamic or moving scenes. Are not doing

Special gift for vloggers
Through this camera, 4K Ultra HD movies can also be recorded uncropped. These movies are processed with 6K RGB data so that the images come out in very high quality with minimum color distortion and minimum noise in the recording. In such a situation, this camera proves to be very special for vloggers.

shooting ability

The shooting capability of this Canon camera is to click 24.2 MP megapixel images at 23 fps. This camera captures these images with the help of electronic shutter mode. The company claims that many special features like fabric texture, silky hair, ultra precision can also be captured in this camera.

Intelligent Tracking
This camera recognizes the things present in the frame with the help of intelligent tracking. This Canon camera is capable of recognizing people, vehicles and animals and if any of these are present in the frame then this camera can easily track them. Apart from this, some such features have been given in this camera which make it special for wildlife photography, concerts and interviews as well.

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