Call of Duty Mobile will get new start, special features will be available with season 1

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  • Activision decides to reboot Call of Duty mobile season with latest update
  • Season 1 out for game instead of season 14

Game developer company Activision has Call of duty Have decided to reboot the mobile season with the latest update. Instead of removing season 14, the company has removed season 1 for the game and has, in clear language, rolled out. The company has announced this update with its official Twitter account.
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According to the tweet, the game’s update starts at 5:30 am on January 27. Users can download it through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The latest season has been prepared as a new order. This season many new features have been added. It includes new weapons, Battle Pass, Battle Royal Mode, operator and more.

Talking about the new Battle Pass of COD Mobile, the new order in the game is coming with a new Battle Pass. This game has 50 tiers which are under free and premium content. With the new Battle Pass, gamers will get a chance to gain a lot, including new characters, weapons, blue prints and charms. Free Battle Pass includes new operator skill. Tier 14 includes the Gravity Vortex Gun, Tier 28’s Tactiles Weapons and Light Show, and Tier 34 the Concusion Grenade-Light Show.

Apart from this, more free credits will be available in Tier 50. Through the Premium Battle Pass, gamers get a chance to get all available content in new orders. It includes Cyberpunk styled character skins such as FTL-Power Line, Spector – Chrome, Proffit – Dist and David Mason – Enforcer. Apart from this the weapon blueprints are also included in this pass.
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Talking about the new weapon of COD Mobile, a new weapon SKS has been given for the new season with a new weapon. This is a base weapon that will be available in the Seasonal Challenge Battle Royal Bluff and in mid-February. Talking about COD Mobile’s Reclam Map, it is a map based on the Holiday Shopping Complex in Reclam. Activision claims that this is a real map for the entry. The map in the game will be present in a multiplayer rotation.
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Talking about COD Mobile’s new multi-player modes, the new order has added two new multi-player modes 3v3 Gun Fight and 20-Player Attack of the Undead to the game. These two new modes make it more interesting by bringing a new twist to the entire game. Talking about COD Mobile’s new Battle Royal mode, gamers will get a new Blitz Battle Royal game mode with the update. This is a fast pace 40 players battle royal mode. This mode lasts for about 10 minutes per match until a final safe zone is created.