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The messaging platform keeps adding features one after the other to give WhatsApp users a better chatting experience. Recently the Disappearing Message feature has been introduced on WhatsApp and it is being tested among beta users, although there are some important things you should know before using this feature. After the launch of this feature, the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) page of WhatsApp has also been updated, revealing a ‘weak link’ of the new feature.

Disappearing messages feature WhatsApp has been competing against the ‘self-deleting’ message feature found on other platforms. The FAQ page explains how the new WhatsApp feature will work and a big thing has come to light here. The major drawback in the Disappearing Message feature is that it can be turned on or off. In other apps, users have to set the time for the message to expire and after that time the message is automatically deleted.

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There are many problems in the new feature
The Disappearing Messages feature on WhatsApp will only work if both the sender and receiver have turned this feature on. Apart from this, the messages will be deleted after seven days with the help of WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature, and other options have not been given to the users. It has also been told that the media files sent will be automatically saved even after the message receiver receives the feature off in the phone and the users change the settings manually.

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The feature will not work in such a situation
It has been said by the Android Authority that every user will have to do this to use the new feature and the message will not be automatically dispatched. In the FAQ section, it is reported that even after seven days, messages can remain in the receiver’s phone under certain circumstances. Apart from this, the feature will not work if the message is forwarded to someone else and the Disappearing Messages option is disabled in that chat. It is clear that there are many conditions associated with the new feature, which make it difficult to use.

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