Best Instagram reel editing apps, you will get lots of views, likes and followers

  • About 22 percent of Indians use Instagram
  • Reels videos are popular among Instagram users
  • Learn here Top Instagram Reel Video Editing Apps

The social media platform Instagram is very popular in India. This can be gauged from the fact that Instagram has 321,200,000 accounts in India, which is about 22.4 percent of the Indian population. It is clear from this that Indians spend a lot of time on Instagram. The Meta-owned social media platform says that users on its platform like to watch Reels the most. If you also want to become an Insta Reel creator yourself while watching Reel on Instagram, then we will give you information about Top Reel Editing Apps in this article. With which you can also make a great reel.

Why reel editing apps are important

Instagram is a creative platform. If you post a direct video, it will not attract viewers. In such a situation, consider all the hard work in making videos as useless without editing. To make reels creative and more interactive, you will need to do cool video editing. The more good and interesting content you create, the more likes and followers you will get.

best instagram reel editing apps

  • VN Video Editor
  • Canva
  • shot
  • Kine Master
  • splice
  • Filmora

VN Video Editor

VN video editor is quite popular among Instagram users. In this, users get many advanced features for free. Along with this, there is no watermark of any kind in the video. In this, users can also edit multi frame videos easily. The top features of this app are as follows.

  • video effects
  • filter
  • trim
  • Speed
  • slip
  • music library



The Canva app is one of the most loved video and image editor apps online. It is best for those users who are editing for the first time. There are many free templates available in this, which you can use to create creative content. Talking about its special features, you can post directly after editing the video. Here are the top features of Canva:

  • free templates
  • Filters
  • animation
  • transition
  • GIF Elements



Inshot app is one of the best apps for video editing. With its help, you can edit vertical and horizontal videos very easily. Along with this, you can easily change the video format as well. The most special thing about this app is that you can include audio files stored in the phone in the video. The top features of this video editing app are:

  • effect
  • filter
  • transition
  • Speed
  • animation

Kine Master


The Kinemaster app is also a great option for editing reels. In this too, users get many templates and features, with the help of which users can make cool reels. In the KineMaster app, users get access to a large library of audio, video and images. The top features of this video editing app are:

  • animation
  • transitions
  • import export option
  • motion tracking
  • text editing



Users get many advanced features to edit videos in Splice app. This app has the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based speech to text feature, so that users can add text to the video without any input. Along with this, features like cutting, trimming and cropping of videos are also available in this editor:

  • unique transition
  • animation
  • slip
  • text editor
  • Music & Audio



Filmora is quite popular among online video editing apps. In this, users get many professional features, so that you can edit Dhansu reel. In this app, users also get the option to do voice over during video editing in the app itself. Talking about its top features, they are as follows:

  • stickers
  • animation
  • text
  • audio equalizer
  • picture-in-picture effect

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