Be careful while running Facebook, reading this message empties the bank account

New Delhi.There are a lot of scammers active on Facebook right now and they have also withdrawn money from the accounts of many Facebook users. That’s why it is important that when you run Facebook, you should be very careful. Scammers send a message in Messenger to withdraw money from people’s accounts and when you see it, the money disappears from your account. So let us tell you how to avoid it and what should be taken care of-

How do you get caught?

Such fraud has happened to many people. Scammers first hack the account of a close friend of yours and then send you a message. There is a message with the link, in which it is written that identify where you are. When you open that link, your phone is connected to the scammer’s VPN and they can easily hack your entire phone.

Once the VPN is connected, they can know every moment that happens on your phone. Your bank account details are also seen here. Then they do not even need to ask OTP from anyone. The same has happened with many people. Such frauds have become a headache for the Cyber ​​Crime team as well. In many cases, scammers even hacked the user’s Facebook ID after withdrawing money from the account.

Actually, after hacking Facebook ID, they send a request to your close friend again and carry out such fraud. Apart from this, they ask for money from add friends in the friend list by creating another Facebook ID in your name. Your picture is also attached to it. In such a situation, your friends fall in the trap of scammers and help. This is the reason why scammers are also on the rise.