Banned version of PUBG can still be played, these are flaws

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PUBG Mobile India Currently undergoing ups and downs. recently Krafton Inc Had drawn a vacancy for the post of eSports Consultant, but canceled it within a few hours. The move has raised suspicion that PUBG Mobile India will legally return to India from March 2021. At present, there is no information as to whether the Indian government will lift the ban from this game. In September 2020, 118 Chinese apps including PUBG were banned by the Central Government under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000. However, it is not completely banned, because due to many flaws, the ban version of PUBG Mobile India can still be played in India.
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PUBG Mobile India The game can be played with a mind by bypassing location geo-blocking using VPN. Now apart from this, many flaws have been revealed, due to which gamers can play PUBG Mobile India. According to media sources, any APK download link for PUBG Mobile Global, which is the Korean version. This is a secure method and can be downloaded to play the game. It is not illegal to play the PUBG Global Edition in the country as the Government of India has made it clear that access to PUBG was not illegal in the country. However, it should be cautioned that any APK download link that is redirected continuously. This is a type of scam and can cause harm to the phone.

PUBG Another issue associated with playing Mobile Global is that PUBG Mobile Korea can be played if the ISP did not block access or the service provider did not block access. If this is not the case, then you have to bypass the ban to play PUBG Mobile India and decide a different location through the VPN app and then PUBG Mobile India can be played on the phone. Game enthusiasts can get a lot of relief due to VPN. With which PUBG Mobile India can be played, because the government’s ban is not too stringent. If legally PUBG Mobile India will return to India, it will have to go through a lot of struggles. It is important for PUBG Mobile India that the game can be played back only when conditions improve between India and China.

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PUBG Mobile Global Has recently released a new version 1.2, which is equipped with many new modes and features. Due to which gamers are becoming more crazy. However, the new edition of this game cannot be played until it gets access to play in India. It is absolutely true that until the ban is not removed from the government, the global version can be played only through VPN and some APK downloads.