Attention Netflix will ban you, if you do these three things

New Delhi| Netflix has suffered a lot due to password sharing between some users, due to which the company is now going to stop password sharing. The company had announced this change some time back. Apart from this, there are many other things too, on which users can be banned from the platform. netflix (Netflix) I have zero tolerance for criminals and if you violate the rules of the streaming platform, you can lose access to your account, or even get banned forever. Netflix recently also reported that it has lost more than 200,000 subscribers.

The company is now preparing to launch a new subscription plan with AIDS which will be less expensive than the current subscription plan. Netflix doesn’t want to lose any more followers and if you want to keep your Netflix account safe, then you should avoid doing these three things.

Do not use VPN
If you do not know about the term VPN, then let us tell you that it allows users to stay secure online. It can also secure your network against cybercriminals and hide your IP address, browsing activity and personal data on any Wi-Fi network. Despite its privacy concerns, Netflix does not want its users to use a VPN network to access the app. This is because the VPN tricks websites into thinking you are in a different country.

This means that you can watch TV shows that are not available in your country, which Netflix strongly opposes. Netflix Original Programming, this is true for any content driving app or website. Netflix takes stern action against those who are caught copying the work of the streaming giant.

On the Platform, Netflix asks Users not to collect, reproduce, modify, display, publish, license or create or offer to sell anything. Accounts for violating these Terms of Service or for illegal or fraudulent use of the Service may be blocked.

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