Are these apps in your phone too, then delete them immediately, your phone may be hacked

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The number of customer care scams has increased a lot with Internet users in India. It is such that whenever we need customer care number of a company, we search on Google. Then dial them and use them. But many times these customer care numbers are recorded by the scammsters and they are not the actual customer care numbers. These scamsters often force the user to download remote desktop apps to their Android smartphone and take full access to their phone. Or steal their money from their bank account. These scamsters record the phone screen of the users and steal the UPI login details including OTP.

Let me tell you that remote desktop apps are not malware. Many times prove to be very useful. If the user knows how to use them, then he can use these apps properly. The most important thing is that no customer care executive ever asks you to download a remote app. In order to avoid fraud, do not download any remote app. We are giving you information of some such apps here that can steal money from your account by spying on you.

TeamViewer QuickSupport: This is a common app. It is used by IT managers to control phones and PCs. This is a very useful tool. If you do not know how to use this app, then it is suggested that you do not download it. This is the most common you used by scammers. Through this, scammers are able to get the bank details and OTPs of the users.

Microsoft Remote desktop: This app allows users to connect PCs or virtual apps remotely. It is also a very useful app and works just like TeamViewer QuickSupport. However, this tool is also very useful for hackers if the user does not know how remote desktop apps work.

Anydesk Remote Control: It is used by business users. This allows the desktop to be remotely accessed. But it is also a useful tool for scammers to get user information. Hackers force users to download this app. If you do not know how to use this app, do not download it.

AirDroid: It is also a remote access app used in Android phones. For this it is also suggested that if you do not know how to use it, do not download it.

AirMirror: It is also a popular app. It allows you to access your phone via PC. If someone asks you to download this app, do not download the app until you know all about it.