Apple will discontinue iPad Mini as soon as it turns iPhone, details revealed

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While companies such as Motorola, Samsung and Huawei are launching second-generation foldable smartphones, Apple is still working on its first foldable iPhone. The iPhone 12 lineup with 5G connectivity has recently been launched by a California tech company. In the case of 5G tech too, Apple will bring the iPhone foldable after a long wait after remaining behind from the rest of the brands. The company will bring the foldable device only after completing testing and a related report has come out.

The new report states that Apple will discontinue its iPad Mini model with the launch of a foldable iPhone. The company has been working on the first foldable iPhone for a long time and some leaks related to it have been revealed before. The reason behind this is being told that both the foldable iPhone and iPad Mini will offer similar features and both will work on the iPad OS. In such a situation, Apple can shut down the old device.

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The price may be
According to previous leaks and details, Apple’s foldable iPhone will be designed in such a way that a single screen will be seen on opening and two different displays will not be seen. It is clear that Apple is not in a hurry to bring a foldable iPhone and Best Tech will bring this phone. If you talk about the price, the foldable iPhone with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage can be priced at $ 1,499 (about Rs. 1,11,000). However, it is too early to rely solely on these leaks.

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Will get twisted battery
If the leaks surfaced in the last months, then the company can also offer a flexible battery in the folded iPhone. As stated by Cult of Mac, Apple is also working on a rotating battery and Foldable iphone Special innovation can be seen in Foldable smartphone batteries from manufacturing level to daily usage have not seen very good. A number of patents have been taken by Apple in the last one or two years, which shows that the company is working fast to produce a twisted battery.

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