Apple Watch Series 8: This smartwatch will measure body temperature, know when this feature will be introduced

New Delhi. Apple Watch Series 8 can be launched by the end of this year. It is likely to be launched alongside the iPhone 14. According to the news, many interesting features will be given in Watch Series 8. It has more last generation upgrades. For example, initially there were reports that a body temperature sensor would be given in the Watch Series 8. But Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman later rubbished those reports. Also said that Apple is still working on that feature and it is not likely to come at the moment.

At the same time, now famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple is working on an algorithm that will support the temperature sensor on the Watch Series 8. Kuo shared via his Twitter handle that Apple had to cancel the body temperature sensor for last year’s Apple Watch Series 7 because their algorithms were “failing to qualify before entering the EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) stage”. Wasn’t successful. But this year, Apple can work on the algorithm again and if it meets the company’s high priority. There is every possibility that the body temperature sensor will measure the user’s body temperature and then the data that will come Will also tell him whether he has a fever or not and then will also suggest him to maintain the optimum temperature.

According to Kuo, the biggest problem with implementing a body temperature sensor in a smartwatch is that the body temperature varies with the weather outside and hardware alone cannot calculate the core body temperature. Therefore, an algorithm is needed. But creating algorithm is a difficult process and Apple company also wants to maintain its quality. This means that if the algorithm, which is not yet developed, does not follow the standard, then Apple may drop the feature this year as well.

Not just Apple, its biggest rival in the smartwatch industry is Samsung and this company is also facing similar problems with understanding body temperature on smartwatches. According to Kuo, the issue is causing a delay in the feature by Samsung and the body temperature detection report from the upcoming Galaxy smartwatch is not accurate. Kuo’s latest tweet contradicts Gurman’s prediction.

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