Apple Watch fell in the sea, came out of the water after many days! It turned on as soon as it was put on charging, all the functions were correct

Apple Watch fell in the sea, came out of the water after many days!  It turned on as soon as it was put on charging, all the functions were correct

Along with smartphones, now smartwatches are also becoming waterproof. Many brands come up with water-resistant smartwatches that claim to be safe even after falling into water. The ability of these watches to remain underwater depends on the depth of the water and the time. But when it comes to quality, Apple products outdo other brands. We are not saying this, but a news that came out recently is proving so. An Apple Watch has come out in absolutely safe and perfect working condition even after lying in the sea for several days, which has surprised everyone.

Apple Watch fell in the sea

This latest case related to Apple Watch has emerged from Rio, Brazil. According to the report, a man named Jefferson Rocha had lost his Apple Watch at sea. While swimming, the watch slipped from the wrist and fell somewhere in the sea. Rocha tried to trace the smartwatch to some extent, but could not find it. The watch had sunk into the sea.

When this person tracked through the Find My app, the Apple Watch was seen lying in the sea, but he could not retrieve it. The person knew that the smartwatch was waterproof, but had assumed that it was not possible for the watch to survive being submerged in water for such a long time. Also read: How to do SIM port? Company will change without changing the number, know here the fastest way of MNP

Apple Watch turned out to be perfect even after lying in water for several days

A few days after losing the Apple Watch, the man received a notification from the Find My app that his smartwatch was switched on. When Rocha turned on Lost Mode for the watch and entered the necessary details, he received a message from a 16-year-old girl that the Apple Watch was with him. Rocha was quite surprised that even after lying in the sea, how his watch is working fine! As the conversation progressed, he came to know that the girl’s father had found the watch in the sea.

apple watch lost in sea found in working condition after days

The person who found the smartwatch lying in the sea was a diver in the same area where the Apple Watch went missing. When he gave the watch to his daughter, he connected its charging cable to the watch. As soon as the charging was connected, the Apple Watch turned on and started working perfectly. The interesting thing is that all the functions of that smartwatch were running properly, while it was lying in the sea for several days.

However, the owner of the Apple Watch has got his watch back. At the same time, once again Apple has proved in front of the entire tech world that its products are really better and effective than others.

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