apple 16gb ipod touch fifth generation obsoletes: Big blow to Apple users, this ‘ICONIC’ product will not be seen in the market! You will be shocked to know, know the reason? – apple obsoletes its iconic 16gb ipod touch fifth generation product know why reason behind companies decision


  • Bad news for Apple users
  • Apple made its popular product obsolete
  • This is the popular iPod product

New Delhi. Apple has added another product name to its list of old products. This product was launched by the company in the year 2013. The name of this product is 16GB iPod Touch Fifth-Generation, which is now officially obsolete worldwide. This means that the company will no longer provide service for the device or provide replacement parts to third party repair firms. Let us tell you that the 16GB iPod Touch of the Fifth-Generation was an important device of the company.

Apple had announced this device to reduce the cost for the buyers. Now the company has removed half the storage and rear iSight camera feature from the then fifth generation iPod Touch. Which has brought down the price to $229 as compared to $299 for the 32GB variant.

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The Apple iPad Touch 16GB model had a 4-inch Retina display and was powered by a dual-core Apple A5 chipset. Apple EarPods were also included in the packaging. At that time the 16GB model was only available in the silver color option and did not come with a wrist strap. Now Apple officially discontinued the entire 5th generation iPod touch lineup with the 6th generation. So that even better performance, services and rear iSight camera can be brought back to iPod Touch. Apple replaced the 6th generation with the 7th generation of the iPod Touch in 2019. So if you have a 6th generation 16GB iPod Touch, you can upgrade right now.

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How does Apple consider a product obsolete?

After Apple discontinues a product, it gradually becomes vintage and then becomes obsolete. Basically, Apple calls a product vintage when it has stopped selling the product for at least 5 years. At the same time, if a product has been discontinued by Apple for more than seven years, it is considered obsolete. After this, no support or service is provided by Apple to such products.

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