Ambani will earn crores by showing IPL 2023 for free, know how

Ambani will earn crores by showing IPL 2023 for free, know how
  • Indian Premier League 2023 telecast will be done in Jio Cinema.
  • The first match of IPL will be held on 31 March.
  • IPL matches will be seen in 4K quality on the phone.

Live streaming of all matches of IPL 2023 will be done online through Jio Cinema. That is, there is good news for the viewers that they will be able to watch this IPL absolutely free without any subscription. But, do you know that even if the viewers do not have to take a separate subscription for this and get to watch free IPL matches. But, even from this free, Ambani will earn crores of rupees. Let us further inform you how this will be amazing.

Reliance spent billions of rupees for IPL

According to media reports, Reliance has bought media rides of IPL after spending $ 2.7 billion i.e. around Rs 2,23,49,88,45,000. At the same time, now you must be thinking that after spending such a huge amount, how will Ambani earn money by showing IPL 2023 for free, then let us tell you that even by showing you the match for free, the company will use crores of rupees.

28 rupees will have to be spent to watch a match

Industry experts say that for a 3-hour match, viewers watching the match on mobile will need at least 2 GB of data. Although India is said to be the cheapest data provider in the world, it costs around Rs 14 per GB. This means users will have to shell out Rs 28 to watch live matches on the Jio app.

At the same time, a total of 70 league matches and four playoff matches will be played in 52 days. This means users will need data worth Rs 2,072 to watch all 74 matches on mobile or connected TV. At the same time, according to the latest customer data of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the current number of active customers of Reliance Jio is around 425 million.

Reliance Jio adds over 29 lakh mobile subscribers before Ambani 5G service

In such a situation, you can calculate that even if a million subscribers watch a match, Rs 11,900 million will be spent on data. At the same time, the media network is expected to reach 500 million users through its free IPL. Not only this, the company is working on a plan to earn crores of rupees through advertisements.


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