amazing! Apple M1-powered MacBook installed in Windows 10, learn how

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A new Mac device has been launched by Apple in the past and the company has brought it with a special ARM-based M1 chipset. Everyone from Apple Fans are surprised to see the improvements and battery life in its performance. Till now Apple used to provide Intel processors in its MacBooks but the new processor has been developed by M1 Apple and also includes RAM. It runs on the company’s MacOS.

The new device may be powerful but the Windows operating system cannot be used in it. Windows OS cannot be used in M1-powered MacBooks even with the help of Apple’s official method Booycamp. This is because Windows OS x86 is designed for the best chipsets and Apple’s new M1 chipset is ARM based. However, a tweet shared by a developer has shocked everyone.

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This is how Windows OS is installed
Developer Alexander Graf has installed virtualized Windows 10 in the new M1-powered MacBook. The developer used a modified version of the open-source virtualization and machine emulation software QEMU. In this way, he was able to run the Insider preview of Window 10 ARM on Apple’s new Mac. In addition, the developer was also supported by Apple’s own hypervisor framework, which is designed for virtualization.

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Better windows performance
Alexander has claimed that he is also getting smooth performance with the Windows operating system on the MacBook. However, like them, many users who installed the same operating system in their new M1-powered Macs faced problems. At the moment it is very fun because no official solution has been prepared by Apple or Microsoft yet. It is also fun that the benchmark results of Windows on Mac have been better than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

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