Always be careful! Once again there was an explosion in the smartphone, if you do not take care of this, then the damage will be done

New Delhi. The news of a smartphone blast has been coming for a long time now and even today a similar news has come to the fore. Today we are telling you a similar story which happened recently. Actually, the battery of the smartphone exploded in the hands of a repair shop employee. This incident is from Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. There is a mobile shop here. A 15 second video of this shop is going viral on social media. It shows how the battery of the smartphone has exploded. The incident happened when the person was repairing the phone.

The repair shop employee was talking to the customer while working on the mobile. Just during this suddenly the phone exploded. Suddenly, flames started emanating from the device. Then the shopkeeper dropped the phone on the counter to save himself and threw the mobile out of the shop. It is not yet known which brand the phone belonged to.

According to a report, the shopkeeper says that there is no harm to the person or the shop due to this incident. Then he has advised his customers that if they see any kind of swelling in their phone, then get their phone checked immediately. If the person uses the phone in this way, then it does not take time for an accident to happen with him.

However, if seen, such cases have been seen before. Be it Samsung or OnePlus, many cases have been seen regarding phone explosion.

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