All Facebook users beware! Money disappearing from bank account

New Delhi. Facebook users need to be a little cautious because money is disappearing from users’ accounts. This can also bother many users. Today we are going to give you some information about this. This can keep you a little cautious. With this new method of cybercrime, the investigating agencies have also been troubled. After reading this news, it will be clear to you that you too have not become a victim of this.

Friend request is sent to Facebook users from Fake ID. This name is completely wrong on Facebook. Along with this, the profile picture is also faked in it. After seeing the profile picture, you will not feel that it is a fake ID of some scammer or hacker. You have to follow some easy methods. After reading today’s news, you will also find it very easy to recognize Fake ID.

In many cases, it has been seen that friend requests are being sent to users on Facebook in the name of military. As soon as you add it to the friend list, he sends you his Army ID. In this, some money is asked from you to help. At the same time, he sends you an idea about the NGO to entice you. Also he tells that this NGO is in dire need of money. Here you are asked for PhonePe number.

As soon as you see, requests start coming on your PhonePe, Paytm, GPay in no time. These requests are for money. As soon as you click on it, you will be taken to the UPI page. Here you are asked to enter the UPI PIN. As soon as you enter the UPI PIN, it is being done not to give money but to take it. Now the investigating agencies are also trying to put a stop to this.

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