AC will become sour cooler! Just put this small machine with the fan, it will start feeling cold

New Delhi. As the cooler gets old, it starts giving less air. The main reasons behind the low air intake can be many, but usually the cooler air also decreases with age. Today we are going to tell you about some such things, after making changes, you can make the cooler air faster. Also this device is very cheap. So let’s also tell you about it-

How can the air of the cooler fan speed up-

The speed of the cooler fan decreases over time. At the same time, this air also starts throwing less. The main reason for this is the weakening of the condenser. If you also want such a jugaad, then you should first work on it. Changing the condenser will solve more than half of your problem. Also, after changing it, you can also increase the speed of the cooling fan very fast.

You can easily buy TIBCON fan capacitor. Also you can buy it online as well. It also comes very cheap. This is a Copper Capacitor which makes your Khatra Cooler fan speed up very easily. You may also have to go to an engineer to get it replaced. Because it has different power. Cooler fan can also get damaged after incorrect installation.

The main thing behind the cooling of the cooler is the pump. The more powerful the cooler pump, the more cooling will be done. The pump should be more powerful to cool the cooler pads. You can easily fix it too. But for this you have to go to the engineer. Because a small mistake can ruin your cooler completely.

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