AC Cooling Bedsheet has arrived, it becomes ice cold as soon as it is laid on the bed, fan-cooler will be forgotten

New Delhi. In the summer season, the price of AC starts touching the sky. In such a situation, many times you have to plan ahead to buy AC. But now you don’t have to do that. Because there are many things available in the market. With this you can easily cool down the body. Also, they are easily available in the market. That is, if you want, you can buy it both online or offline-

You can easily buy Sense – BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress With Cooling Tech online. The specialty of this bedsheet is that it helps in getting rid of the problem of back pain or joint stiffness. This is the reason why there is more demand than its cooling. The MRP of this bedsheet is Rs 17,999 and you can buy it after discount for Rs 13,999.

That is, you are getting 22% discount on buying online and you can save 4 thousand rupees on buying. The company claims that NASA Approved Technology has been used to make it. Memory Foam has been used to make it. That is, along with cooling, it is also quite comfortable. You will not have any problem once you lay it on the bed.

The company claims that once it is fitted on the bed, it is set according to the body weight. It also helps a lot in healing the spine. With the help of PCM, it also helps a lot in cooling the body. The company has used Best Foam Technology for comfort. Also, no matter how hot you are feeling, as soon as you lie down on it, you start feeling cold. That is, just once the cooling starts happening as soon as you lie on the bed.

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