Work in textile mill, thoughts of suicide, when Mr. Satish was scolded by Boney Kapoor while sitting on the table on the sets of India

Work in textile mill, thoughts of suicide, when Mr.  Satish was scolded by Boney Kapoor while sitting on the table on the sets of India
Satish Kaushik started his career with Zero. Zero means such a child who was average in appearance, who had no connection with the film world… just had a relationship and another one was that he loved watching film stars, watching movies. This may happen with 90 out of 100 people, but how would it be possible for everyone to target their passion like this. That’s why Satish Kaushik’s story is a great inspiration for people who dream about the film industry. When Satish Kaushik entered the industry, the beginning was like a common man. Know his full story.

Satish Kaushik lived with his parents in Karol Bagh, Delhi. He had 5 more siblings. Father Harisan used to work in a lock company and he used to run his entire family with Rs.300. Satish used to get very upset seeing his father working so hard and he had thought that one day he would do a big job and he did it too. However, when Satish told his father about joining the film industry, he did not like it and even said that this industry is not for us and on top of that his looks are also not good. Satish also told this dream to his elder brother, on which he got angry and threw a cot on him. Well, Satish finally left his house one day and elder brother even came to see him till the train and he blessed Satish’s dream to come true.

Got a job in a textile mill as soon as he came to Mumbai

Satish Kaushik had left home without the consent of his family and came straight to Mumbai by train with the dream of making a name for himself in the film industry. Satish Kaushik was not like those stars who came to Mumbai and spent the night at the station or spent time hungry. He told that he was lucky in this matter and his friends never let him go hungry. He also said that soon after coming to Mumbai, he got a job in a textile mill with the help of a friend of his father’s, where he used to look after the accounts. Due to this, he never had any problem in living and eating. Because of this, he continued to explore acting for himself and his food and living also continued.

Boney gave 200 rupees and bonus to Satish in the first film

Film director Boney Kapoor himself narrated the entire story of filming to Satish Kaushik. He had said on the show ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’, ‘At that time I was making a film called Woh Saat Din. Naseer was with Anil Kapoor in this film. For a character in the film, we needed a flower vendor and for this a dialogue speaking character was needed. Then in those days we used to go to Prithvi Theater and maybe we saw Satish Kaushik in a play. We decided to cast Satish for the role of the flower vendor and we found him. 200 was fixed at Rs. When he got the acting job done, he felt that he has done better work than 200. Anil said that he is given bonus. I think instead of 200 then we gave 500 to Satish.

Boney Kapoor was in a mood to oust Satish Kaushik from the film

On this funny story, Satish Kaushik further said, ‘Those 500 cost him dearly later.’ Boney Kapoor narrated, ‘After this our film started Mr. India and on the very first day I scolded Satish on the set. The director was roaming around, doing left-right and this chief guest was giving instructions sitting on a stool. I said what kind of assistant is this, on one side the director is working hard and he is giving instructions sitting on the stool. I had my eyes fixed on him that if this happens again, I will expel him, but finally it happened that instead of expelling him, I started liking him. Its sensibility, inputs were excellent and gradually it kept on impressing more and it had impressed Javed sahab more than me. When Mr. India left, we thought to think about the next picture.

Satish Kaushik’s first failure film

Boney Kapoor further said, ‘We decided to cast Satish in the big picture in which Anil and Sridevi would be in the lead roles and would ask Shekhar to direct the one that would launch Sanjay.’ Satish said, ‘I would like to say that Rs 501 in Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja cost them dearly. This film Roop Ki Rani which I made in 5 years is a well known disaster. Then I did not dare to ask Boney how the picture was going. Because it was my first failure.

Satish was in a mood to commit suicide

Boney said about Satish, ‘He was even ready to commit suicide. Sometimes Satish wanted to get down from the moving vehicle and sometimes wanted to jump from the hotel room. This talk had gone till Hyderabad.

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Satish said – he will not even take suicide seriously

On the suicide story, Satish said, ‘It was my luck that I was on the first floor at that time and there was food below. I said that if I jump from here and I fall straight down in the brinjal vegetable, people will say that hey man, did he fall in the process of eating? They will not even take suicide seriously.

Satish Kaushik made a mark in Bollywood with comedy

Anil Kapoor started considering it as part of the family

Later, gradually Satish became very close not only on the sets of films but also with Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor’s family. Anil Kapoor had also said that after family, you are the only one on whom I can trust. He said that you are not just a friend but a part of our family.

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