Will Johnny Depp’s troubles increase? Ex-girlfriend Alan Barkin may testify in support of Amber Heard

The ongoing case between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is in the news these days. In the hearing of this case, Johnny and Amber have made sensational allegations against each other. Now the hearing of this case will resume from Monday, May 16. If recent reports are to be believed, now once again in the courtroom, Amber will answer the questions of Heard’s lawyer. According to the news, actress Alan Barkin, who was ex-girlfriend of his sister Witney Henriquez and Johnny Depp on behalf of Amber, can record her statement.

Allen has also accused Johnny
According to a report in ‘The People’, Alan Barkin will appear via video call while Witney himself will appear in court to record his statement for Amber. Alan Barkin and Johnny Depp dated in the late 90s. Allen had previously alleged that Johnny Depp was violent during the relationship and that he even once threw a wine bottle at her. Although Barkin also said that Johnny Depp had never physically harmed him.
Amber Heard narrated the story of Kate Moss and the stairs in court, Johny Depp’s lawyer’s reaction went viral
Johnny denied the allegations
It was later revealed that Johnny had not thrown the bottle of wine at Alan Barkin but at a hotel in Las Vegas during a fight with friends. Johnny Depp also rubbished Barkin’s claims. Barkin also alleged that Johnny could not control his anger. However, Johnny had vehemently denied this allegation. Let us tell you that Johnny Depp met Alan Barkin, 10 years older than himself, in Las Vegas in 1997. After that both of them started dating each other while working together.
Johnny Depp had put the bottle in my private part – will tremble to see Amber Heard crying in court
Amber cried in court
Earlier, Amber Heard, while recording her statement in court, made sensational allegations of sexual violence, abuse and assault on Johnny Depp. Amber had said that Johnny had repeatedly put his fingers and a bottle of wine in his private part. Amber Heard cried bitterly in court while accusing Johnny of this. Although earlier Johnny had also accused Amber of assault and violence.
Johnny Depp had inserted his fingers into the private part, the witness said – Amber Heard was forced to have oral sex
What’s the matter?
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got divorced in the year 2017. After this, Amber Heard, in an article written in The Washington Post, accused Johnny of domestic violence without naming him. Johnny Depp then filed a $50 million defamation case against Amber. In return, Amber Heard also sued Johnny for $100 million.