When Ada Sharma made fun of Bappi Lahiri by wearing jewelry without top, there was a lot of reprimand

Adah Sharma is celebrating her birthday today i.e. on May 11. The actress is known for her witty style and has also won the hearts of her fans for all her creative and funny posts on social media (Adah Sharma Instagram). However, once she was trolled mercilessly after netizens reacted to a post she shared. The reason for her trolling was a photo of her with the late Bappi Lahiri (Adah Sharma Controversy).

Adah Sharma and Bappi Lahiri controversy
In the photo posted by Adah Sharma, she was wearing a lot of jewelry and while posting the photo of herself and Bappi Lahiri, asked who carried it better. He wrote in its caption, ‘Who wore it better?’ This post was not right for social media users and they called it disrespectful, who has now passed away. As soon as this post reached his Facebook page, a user wrote, ‘First try to understand your height, and then compare with someone! Look at their works you can find it or not. Every person in Bengal knows at least one of his songs so well and then ask him about himself so that he can hardly tell who you are! I am not underestimating you but telling the truth.

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Fans had reprimanded Ada
At the same time, someone wrote on Ada’s post, ‘It is a different thing to compare for fun, but after someone’s death? Sorry but I thought only your movies are garbage, looks like your upbringing is even worse.’
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Adah Sharma broke the silence
However, Ada later broke her silence on the controversy and blamed poor timing for it. Regarding this, he said, ‘The post was posted on my Instagram two years ago on 28 March 2020. Uploaded yesterday on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, we lost Bappi Da last week, which spoils the post.’