#WeDontWantSRKinTiger3: Salman Khan’s fans asked Shahrukh a ransom, said – get him out of ‘Tiger 3’

The poor performance of Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ at the box office has not only worried the people of the film industry but also Salman Khan’s fans are looking nervous about it. Salman’s fans have come out against Shah Rukh on Twitter with the hashtag #WeDontWantSRKinTiger3.

Salman’s fans feel that Shahrukh should become Panauti for ‘Tiger 3’
Surprisingly, Salman Khan’s fans are demanding the removal of Shahrukh Khan from his upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’ on Twitter. However, there was a time when the fans loved to see these two top stars of Bollywood together on the big screen. Now Salman Khan’s fans seem to be convinced that Shahrukh should become a panauti for his favorite star’s film.

Demand to remove Shahrukh Khan from Tiger 3
Tagging YRF Studios, many fans have demanded that Shah Rukh Khan should be dropped from the cameo role in Salman Khan’s upcoming film. A Twitter user said, ‘Please @yrf we have a humble request from the fans to remove Shahrukh Khan from Tiger 3. We don’t want this ransom to ruin the film.

Said- brother does not need anyone
Another wrote – Shooting has not started yet so this is the right time @yrf please drop Shahrukh out of Tiger 3 cameo. One wrote, ‘Bhai doesn’t need anyone, he alone is enough to make his film a blockbuster. Throw Shahrukh Khan out of Tiger 3.

Said- Hrithik Roshan should be replaced by Shahrukh Khan for the role of Kabir
Not only this, Twitter users have also advised the maker that he should take Hrithik Roshan instead of Shahrukh Khan for the role of Kabir in this film. One said – we want Tiger and Kabir, no Pathan. Some have called Shahrukh a reward in ‘Rocketry’.

List of those movies
However, during this war on Twitter, trolls made several derogatory posts against Shah Rukh Khan. People counted the list of films in which Shahrukh Khan appeared in a cameo role and the film proved to be a flop.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ is to be released in 2023, in which Katrina Kaif will be seen in the role of Zoya.

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