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Virata Parvam Movie Download Movierulz,

Virata Parvam Movie Download Telugu: ‘Virataparvam’ is one of the most eagerly awaited movies in Tollywood. With Rana and Saipallava acting as a couple and the release of a love story film based on Naxalism for the first time, the interest of movie lovers in ‘Virataparvam’ has increased. The film, which was supposed to be released last year, has been postponed several times due to Corona. It finally came out this Friday (June 17). Let’s see in the review how much the audience liked this movie which was released in the theaters amid huge expectations.

Moonlight (Sai ​​Pallavi) … average girl. Reads poems and books written by Aranya alias Rana(Rana Daggubati) and falls in love with him. The parents decide to give the moons to her son-in-law and marry him. She boldly tells everyone that she does not want to get married. Leaving the house for the wilderness. Ravanna, one of the brothers in the forest, is the commander of an army. How hard was the moonlight to reach him?

Virata Parvam Movie Download Movierulz

The story of Virataparvam goes back to 1990-92. Moonlight (Sai ​​Pallavi) of Mulugu district is associated with the Naxalites at birth. Her mother (Ishwarirao) gives birth to moons amidst a police and Naxalite crossfire. She was also nicknamed Purudu Poshi by a woman Maoist (Niveda Pethuraj). When she grows up, she reads books written by Aranya alias Ravanna (Rana Daggubati), a Maoist leader, and falls in love with him. Unbeknownst to her, Moon’s parents (Sai ​​Chand, Ishwarirao) arrange to marry her to her nephew (Rahul Ramakrishna).

She runs away from home after telling her parents that she does not like the marriage and that she will stay with Ravanna. Ooruru searches for Ravanna .. Suffers and finally meets her boyfriend. She shares her love affair with him. Leaving family ties, Did Ravanna, who went wild for the people, accept the love of the moon? What were the problems encountered in order to meet the Maoists on the moon?

What was the reason the moons who became Naxalites with love for Ravanna finally died at their hands? If you want to know things like, you have to watch ‘Virataparvam’ in the theater. are many movies in Tollywood based on Naxalism? One of them said about the Maoists, and politicians. But Virataparvam is special for unveiling a beautiful love story in the backdrop of Naxalism. Venu Udugula directed the film based on a true story in 1992.

The shooting death of a woman from Warangal, Sarala (renamed Vennela in the film) by the Maoists was a hot topic at the time. Virataparvam brilliantly screened the film with good dialogues without taking the same incident as a story. Is it the police who are to blame for the simple murder? Or the Naxalites? The director showed the subject very sensitively and emotionally on the screen.

There is a revolution in love. For love comes the courage to confront anyone, anyone. And, in the revolution? Is there a place for love !? History has seen so many love stories. The difference between those stories and Virat Parva is … purity and honesty! Lord Krishna, there is as much purity in the story of Mirabai … there is as much purity in the love story of this ‘Virata Parvam’. That purity made ‘Virata Parvam‘ unique in the midst of stories like Premante’s physical attraction and falling in love. If you watch a movie

‘A war kills a lot of people .. but the same war kills me .. I am the moon .. this is my story’ he took the audience into the moonlight love story from the beginning of the movie. Most of the fastoff revolves around the moon. Moon’s family background, increased approach, falling in love with Mugthuralai Ravanna for revolutionary literature .. leaving Kannavari for him .. Faustoff ends up finally getting caught by the police. When his father was attacked by the police.

Moonlight’s quarrel with them is impressive. Rana’s entry as Ravanna will be missed. If the police try to snatch the hidden toy for Ravanna .. the work done by the moon to protect it will impress everyone. That one scene reveals how much she loves Rana. Moonlight’s adventure to escape the Ravanna force from the police is the highlight of Fastoff. Although some scenes in Fast Stop seemed to be repeated .. Sai Pallavi did not get bored with his performance. The interval scene is also good.

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