Virat Kohli: Fans are scratching their heads after seeing the copy of Virat Kohli in ‘Match of Life’, asked- Is Anushka Sharma also there?

Recently the trailer of the film ‘Match of Life’ has been released, in which the actor who is seen looks exactly like Virat Kohli. Rajpal Yadav, Sudha Chandran and Supriya Karnik are seen in supporting roles in this film. Newcomers Yash Mehta and Amit Mishra are in the lead role of this film. Now those who know that Amit Mishra looks like a carbon copy of Virat Kahli Kohli, they are commenting funny about this trailer.

Actor like Virat Kohli in ‘Match of Life’
Directed by Aman Sagar, ‘Match of Life’ is a story based on the life of the cricketer, in which the actor who is seen looks like Virat Kohli and what he has to face in everyday life is the story of this film. Amit plays the role of Viraj in the film, who has to deal with unwanted attention because of his face. Along with being a cricketer, he is also seen dealing with his love life.

Fans are surprised to see Viraj’s character

In the film, Yash plays MMA fighter Arjun who roams around as Viraj’s protector when people bully him. Many people have shared the trailer on social media and many impresses are also seen. Many people are scratching their heads seeing Viraj’s character in the film. Author Chitranshul Sinha has tweeted that whether this film should be considered a sports movie or not?

People are making different comments
Media personality Sahil Rizwan jokingly wrote, ‘Virat’s life has been turbulent recently, but this is probably the worst in his wife.’

Many fans are looking for the copy of Anushka Sharma
There are many confused seeing this biopic and some are upset that there is no one like Anushka Sharma in that film. A fan has asked- Is this a heroine who looks like Anushka?

Releasing on 5th August
The film is releasing in theaters on August 5. Virat and Anushka are not in this film and both have recently returned to Mumbai from London vacation.

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