Vir Das On Two Indias Monologue: vir das after controversy on two Indias video says he wont stop and will continue with his job

In the discussion due to his controversial monologues given in America, actor and comedian Vir Das has said that it is his job to satire and will continue to do this work. He’s not going to stop. He said, ‘My job is to make people laugh and if you don’t find it funny, don’t laugh.’

Vir Das said this in a recent interview to India Today. Vir Das had recently shared a video of his performance at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington DC on his YouTube channel. In this video titled ‘I come from two Indias’ i.e. ‘I come from two India’, Vir Das had put forth all the problems in the country from corona to rape incidents.

Ruckus over video, complaint filed against Vir Das

But this video (Vir Das video controversy) created a ruckus. Vir Das started getting criticized on social media. His statement was called ‘anti-India’. At the same time, complaints were lodged against Vir Das in the police stations in Mumbai and Delhi also. Later, Vir Das had given his side on this matter on social media and now he has once again spoken on it this time.

‘I’m not going to stop, this is my job’
In the given interview, Vir Das has made it clear that he will continue his work even further. He said, ‘I have come here to do my work and will continue to do so. I won’t stop My job is to make people laugh and if you don’t find it funny, don’t laugh.
Vir Das folded his hands on the controversial video, said- I did not insult the country, I am proud of India
Where did Vir Das get the inspiration for the monologue?
When Vir Das was asked that this monologue (Vir Das Two Indias videoWhere did he get the inspiration to write, he replied, ‘I was doing a show and it was full. That was my audience and I just wrote a piece. I don’t think you expect the conversation to begin with. You just think that you can make the people present laugh. Vir Das further said that there is a need to have more comedy clubs in India so that people can be laughed more. May the love be spread.
Comedian Vir Das on target, said- I am from a country where women worship during the day and gang rape at night
it was all in the video
Let us tell you that in a part of the controversial monologue, Vir Das was seen saying, ‘I belong to India, where we worship women during the day and they are gang-raped at night’. Seeing the growing controversy, the comedian has now shared a long note on Twitter. Vir Das writes, ‘That video is a satire about the duality of two very different Indias. Like in any country there is light and darkness, good and evil. None of this is a secret. This video appeals to all of us to never forget that we are great. Never stop focusing on what makes us great.’

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