Twinkle Khanna told how to make a luxurious bedroom in 3,000, it is unbelievable such a room in this budget

Twinkle Khanna keeps posting many videos on her YouTube channel. She talks on many topics as well as gives unique tips. Recently, Twinkle has shared another makeover video for her DIY design series Spacelift. After giving tips on how to convert a balcony and guest room, Twinkle shared a video showing how to convert a master bedroom into a beautiful room in a rented house. Actress-turned-writer Twinkle also revealed the struggles she faced while keeping her bedroom clean and calm.

Twinkle Khanna decorated the room in such a low budget
In a new video shared on the YouTube channel of ‘Tweak India’, Twinkle talks about how to transform a master bedroom, that too in a budget of ₹3,500. She started the video by saying, ‘In home decor, the living rooms are like the famous college girls, grabbing everyone’s attention and hiding behind closed doors. There the laundry hamper, here the suitcase Taj Mahal… and having a wet towel on the bed is a matter of home.

These things are necessary for a good bedroom
‘To convert a master bedroom into a private space, invest in a good mattress and get a headboard done on your own or with the help of a carpenter to reduce costs,’ says Baad. Twinkle also shared a personal problem in her life and said that she likes to keep a jug of water near the bed, which she drinks throughout the night and goes to the toilet several times. He added, ‘In this way, even our 2,000 steps are completed while the rest of the people snore.’

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What to put under the bed?
Twinkle recommends placing tall trays or baskets under the bed and drawing the design onto the floor before you begin drilling. He also played guitar, while he said, ‘Your bedroom should be your resting place where you can escape from the symphony of work, email, kiddie tantrums and traffic horns.’

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Twinkle and Akshay’s room
In a part of the new series ‘Spacelift’ on her YouTube channel, Twinkle gives tips and tweaks to viewers about makeovers in their homes. Bedroom Makeover was the third installment in the series. Twinkle often shares posts on Instagram which give a glimpse of how she decorates her and Akshay Kumar’s house.

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