Tollywood Movies: Telugu movies will no longer be made? Shooting stopped due to this crisis hovering over Tollywood

A few days ago a big news came about the Telugu film industry. The Active Telugu Film Producers Guild had announced that the shooting of all films would be stopped from 1st August 2022. The makers took such a decision so that the industry could be restructured. The Telugu Film Producers Guild gave this information by sharing a statement on social media. Under this decision, the shooting of films in the Telugu film industry was stopped from 1 August 2022. There is also no information about when the shooting will resume.

That’s why shooting of Telugu films stopped

According to ‘Hindustan Times’, film distributor and producer Dil Raju said, ‘We have unanimously decided to stop the shooting of the films indefinitely. Especially until we find a solution to the problem of the Telugu film industry. Till then neither new films will be shot nor those films which are already being shot on the sets. We will meet and discuss the issues and find solutions to all the problems. We have taken this decision with everyone’s consent.

On the other hand, newly elected President of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce K Basi Reddy said that the producers, directors, actors, distributors and exhibitors were happy with the growth in the industry. Unless we find a solution, the crisis will continue. So we have decided to support the Producers Council’s decision to stop shooting.

SS Rajamouli’s RRR was also originally made in Telugu language. Photo: ETimes

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The Producers Guild had expressed concern over this
In a statement shared by the Telugu Film Producers Guild on July 26, it was told about the increasing budget of films and low earnings from theaters. Telugu films have not performed well at the box office for some time now. The people of Telugu film industry were discussing about this for the last few days. Especially after Kovid, the situation has worsened there. In such a situation, the Producers Guild decided to stop the shooting of films indefinitely so that the industry could be restructured.

The producers and distributors suffered heavy losses due to the closure of theaters during the Covid pandemic. It was expected that the situation would improve after Kovid, but after the audience shifted to OTT, the footfall in theaters declined further. Very few people are reaching the theater to watch the film.


Allu Arjun’s Pushpa was a Telugu language film, Photo: ETimes

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Production and turnover of Telugu films
Telugu film industry is the third largest film industry in the country after Bollywood and Kollywood (Tamil film industry) in terms of production of films. The Telugu film industry i.e. Tollywood produced 238 films in 2019, while only 63 films were made in 2020. Whereas in 2021 this figure was 204. The annual turnover of these films was one thousand to two thousand crores.

Will ‘Pushpa 2’ be affected?
RRR, KGF-1 and KGF-2 were originally made in Telugu but were dubbed in other languages ​​and released Pan India. In such a situation, these films earned a lot. At the same time, the audience is now waiting for Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ which is basically a Telugu language film. But whether the decision of the Producers Guild will have an effect on ‘Pushpa 2’, it will be known only in the coming time. This film will also release pan India.

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