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It is not new to see children selling goods behind people’s cars. This time Salman Khan’s friend Yulia Vantur got caught in the circle of such girls. Some girls got behind his car and started trying to sell him tissue. Yulia could not understand anything, till then her driver drove the car. After this video of him came on social media, people are making different types of comments. Most of the people are on Yulia’s side and are telling the sellers wrong.

Yulia looked confused when surrounded by girls

A video of Iulia Vantur is going viral on social media. In this video, Yulia is inside the car and some girls are trying to sell her tissues. The girls are saying, Didi, we were not. On which a follower who watched the video has speculated that Yulia might have paid some money earlier. Seeing these girls again, they are getting confused.

People said – then you will say that Salman mounted the car

At the same time, the girls are seen trying to force them by putting their hands inside the glass of the car. Meanwhile, Yulia’s driver drives away the car, yet they are seen running for a while holding the car. Seeing the video, people are telling the mistake of girls only. A social media user has written, Poor means misbehave? Another wrote, Will come under the car. Another comment, this is business. Another follower has written that Salman’s car climbed again.

iulia comments

Discussions about marriage with Salman Khan

Romanian model Yulia Vantur is Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend. The news of their relationship and marriage has come in the media many times. Iulia is always seen in Salman Khan’s family functions. At the same time, she is also present on special events with Salman.

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