This answer of Pranitha Subhash was stronger than the slap, it was mocked for worshiping by sitting at the feet of her husband

Kannada actress Pranitha Subhash has recently been in the news for some of her pictures, in which she is seen sitting near the feet of her husband on the day of Bhima Amavasya. While many fans praised her for carrying forward her traditional customs so beautifully, some people did not like this style of the actress and criticized her fiercely. Actually this worship is done on the day of Bhima Amavasya, praying for the long life of husband and male members in the family. Even unmarried girls do this puja so that they can get a good husband. Many people have also criticized this post of Pranitha Subhash fiercely, but the actress has given a strong reply to such people in a conversation with ETimes.

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Pranitha said- We are from the film, it does not mean that I should forget my rituals
Pranita has said, ‘Everything in life has two sides. But in this case 90% of the people have good things to say. I ignore the rest. Just because I’m an actor and our field is known for glamour, doesn’t mean I don’t follow the rituals I grew up in and totally believe in. All my cousins, neighbors and friends have performed this puja. I did this puja last year also, when I was newly married, but then I did not share the photo. Infact there is nothing new in this for me. I have always been a traditional girl at heart and I really like beliefs, rituals and these things related to family.

‘This is a very beautiful concept in Sanatan Dharma’
She further said, ‘I love being homely from the beginning and I have lived in a joint family. Like my parents, I am also surrounded by aunts, grandmothers and my uncles and I love it all. Sanatan Dharma is a very beautiful concept which brings everyone closer and I strongly believe in it. One can definitely be a forward or modern thinker, but that does not mean that he should forget his roots.

Why doesn’t the husband do this for the longevity of his wife?

Pranitha was also asked why no husband does this for the long life of his wife. To this the actress said- This is not a point of debate, we all pray for each other’s health and well being.

Has been seen with Paresh Rawal and Shilpa Shetty
Pranitha is an Indian actress who has appeared in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu films as well as Hindi films. In the year 2010, he made his debut with the Kannada film ‘Porki’. She has also appeared in the Hindi film ‘Hungama 2’ with Paresh Rawal and Shilpa Shetty.

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