There was a rift between Sohail Khan and Seema Khan for 6 years? Salman Khan had tried a lot to save the broken relationship

There have been many divorces in Bollywood in the recent past. Relationships of many couples were broken and homes were scattered. Now the names of Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan and wife Seema Khan have also been included in this list. Sohail Khan and Seema Khan are getting divorced after 24 years. A few years back, Salman and Sohail’s brother Arbaaz Khan got divorced from wife Malaika Arora. This is a big blow to the Khan family. Salman tried a lot to save this relationship, but to no avail.

Seema Khan was living separately from Sohail for many years

Seema Khan was living separately from husband Sohail Khan for many years. In The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, Seema Khan had told that she and Sohail do not live together. Her marriage to Sohail is not a traditional marriage. But he is a family and a good father. It is said that Salman tried a lot to save brother Sohail’s married relationship. According to reports, Salman also went to Sohail’s house to convince him. There was a conversation between the two for a long time.

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Attempts to get Salman reconciled, could not save the marriage

In 2016, Salman Khan tried his best to save Sohail and Seema Khan’s marriage, but the way now both have filed for divorce in the family court, it seems that the attempt proved unsuccessful. Then a source had told that Salman could not save brother Arbaaz’s marriage, but he is trying his best to save Sohail Khan and Seema’s relationship. For Salman, nothing is more important than family. He is very close to her. But Salman’s efforts did not pay off.

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Sohail’s name was associated with Huma Qureshi, wife had left the house?

Troubles started coming in the married life of Sohail Khan and Seema Khan a few years back when the actor’s name was associated with Huma Qureshi. It is said that Seema Khan had left the house at that time as well. Huma Qureshi met Sohail Khan during the Celebrity Cricket League. Huma was made the brand ambassador of Sohail’s cricket team Mumbai Heroes. On seeing Huma Qureshi and Sohail Khan discussions started happening everywhere.

sohail khan huma qureshi1

Sohail Khan with Huma Qureshi, Photo: Etimes

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Seema Khan had said – did not leave the house, was in Panvel
Gradually, this thing also reached the ears of Seema Khan. It is said that at that time Huma Qureshi had shifted to the same building in which Sohail Khan lives. Although the news of the affair with Sohail was called nonsense and false by Huma Qureshi. At the same time, Seema Khan also reacted to these reports and said that she does not know where such rumors are coming from. She did not leave the house, but was at Panvel farmhouse with son and mother-in-law.

Seema had said – we do not have a traditional marriage, we do not live together

Whatever the reason behind Seema Khan and Sohail Khan’s divorce, Seema considers Sohail a good father. Regarding this, Seema said in The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, ‘Our family is amazing. Sohail is an amazing father. He has always been with me since the birth of my children. I love them and always will. Our relationship is very good. The only difference is that when you grow up, your relationships go in different directions.