Your mother will send you there .. BJP leader Madhavilata is the worst in live

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Tollywood actress, BJP leader Madhavilatha is very active on social media. The BJP has been posting live and posting frequently since its inception. However, even if Madhavilata comes live .. the amount of comments on any post will keep ringing. Most of them come in negative .. green whores are eating. However, Madhaveelatha is not inferior .. If they slap one of them, they will slap whores with lakaras as if I would slap a hundred .. Madhaveelatha, who is also called Amma Akka Chelli, keeps entertaining those who receive lakaras and curse her. In this case, however, Madhavilata Dhee means the same as Dhee.

Netizens are making outrageous comments on Madhavilatha, saying that she has no knowledge of criticizing other parties or leaders, except for sharing posts shared on her Facebook page and giving buildups.

Madhavilata, who recently came to Facebook Live, broke down with the whores saying that she will not react to negative comments. ‘I thought I should not react to the worst comments in the new year .. If there is a reply to your comments on my wall .. I did not put it. My page is managed by people. Even if I put sadists like you to see my page .. they also have psychosis. You have to be psycho to tolerate your psychosis.

Madhavilata .. replies to our messages .. if we want to say abba .. ginja, bonja, our people will also hit in the same range. They also come to your house. Take care of your mother and sister. Suppose you are threatening .. You mean me they call you. Because there is no snow on earth. If you are not good .. I have given a warning that it is not good.

After hearing the argument of his BJP party .. If you change your religion, diseases will not decrease .. You will get money, that’s all. Maya diseases come. In front of the culture in India, not commenting on their blobs, saris, their saris .. Not commenting that yours is the best of the cotton. You are not Sri Ramachandra .. You are the type who sees the waist when the sari is cut. Do you talk about saris ?? When the saris are tied, you have to pull them up and put the pins. Pull up and put the pins on the back .. Is all this necessary? Us ?? There will be no fuss if you wear a t-shirt.

You want to tie saris to your neck .. because you can see the hanging waist. You can see it from that side .. you can see another from behind. This is your business .. If you think of me as a Sita Devi, if you greet me. Why do we not know your kakkurti .. We do not know that your widow plays to see the waist.

So not all those who wear sarees are Sita Devi .. Those who wear modern dress are not spoiled. If your thoughts are bad, no one can do anything about it, ‘said Madhavilatha, who was angry with those who made negative comments about her.