Tiragarastonna records beyond the hype to RRR .. ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2’ Teaser

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Indian film ‘kejiyaph’ inta the wave is not generated. Sandilvud small film industry came from the south, “kejiyaph: Chapter 1,” film lovers across the country tied. It rained cassava at the box office. South from the film ‘Amazon’ and then catering to the unique ‘kejiyaph. Audiences are eagerly awaiting for this movie sequel. Their level of interest and anxiety is understandable given the response to the teaser.

Rocking star Yash Birthday ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2’ teaser is being released on January 8 hombale Chitra Films production company, announced first. However, the teaser was released on social media on Thursday (January 7) night due to a leak. Within hours of its release, the teaser broke records. Within 24 hours of its release, there were more likes and views than any movie teaser in the past.

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Like most Indian film made in the short period of time on YouTube teaser ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2, “debuted. Within 10 hours and 30 minutes of the teaser’s release, the number of likes had crossed 2 million. In fact this is prabhanjana. The ‘Master’ teaser starring Dalpati Vijay, who has a huge fan following in the South, also did not get this level of likes. After all, even the ‘RRR’ teasers that SS Rajamouli is ambitiously screening did not get as many likes. As such, kejiyaph: Chapter 2 ‘is a range understood the hype.
Currently, kejiyaph: Chapter 2 ‘teaser on all platforms, including social media has over 25 million views. On YouTube, however, it is in the top 1 trending. On YouTube, however, it crossed 18 million views in 13 hours. 2.5 million likes were received. All in all Yash is celebrating this birthday with a good josh. No longer are his fans bloated though. Looking forward to seeing Rakhi Bhai on screen from time to time. The film will be released in the summer.

“Kejiyaph: Chapter 2 ‘Teaser