The bonus for us is going to break the record .. “kejiyaph ‘Hero Yash

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Sancanam Indian film industry in the film ‘kejiyaph’ one. With this single, Kannada film stamina and rock star Yash Vishwaroopam is known all over the country. Directed by Neil Prashant ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 1, “the release of the film at the box office movie box office hits, the rain poured pan India. Rock star Yash shows his mark as Rakhi Bhai. This is a sequel to the film “kejiyaph: Chapter 2nu Prashant Neil announced the country faced high expectations. The latest release on the occasion of the birthday of Yash ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2’ teaser of the film has doubled expectations. Hero Yash was slammed by the media for rewriting the teaser records. Those news ..

“Kejiyaph: Chapter 1,” became a hit sensation. Now, kejiyaph: Chapter 2 ‘will also want to create such a record?
“Kejiyaph: Chapter 1,” before the start of the film is very parimitulundevi us. However, the film was made with great effort in the quest to present a good film to the audience. That quest led us to present a good film to the audience. You all know the response from the audience to our hard work as a team. There was a great response from the audience and the movie industry. Now we know what the expectations are on our film. With that, the whole team worked even harder. Yet the big scale, ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2, “the film is produced. The reason for this difficulty .. The film should be for the audience and fans to enjoy. If there is any record breaking in this process we should be told that it is a bonus.

“Kejiyaph: Chapter 1to compared to the ‘kejiyaph: Chapter 2ki What’s the difference?
“Kejiyaph: Chapter 1lo Rakhi has been introduced to the character of the flow. Where did he come from .. What is his personality .. How did he reach the goal beyond his predecessors? “Kejiyaph: Chapter 2lo have far more facets aviskarincabotunnam Bhai Rakhi. This second part is more emotional and action-packed than the first part.

Fan’s view “kejiyaph: Chapter 2lo plan, however, made a surprise?
Stay .. but I can’t say right now. That is to say, what is the surprise in it.

Tell us about your experience working with Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon.
It is a great feeling to work with Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon. Sanjay Dutt’s commitment to work, despite his poor health, and his dedication to the profession seemed inspiring. And Raveena Tandon has something special to say about Gary. She is a typical actress. When she joined the team she provided power to the unit. It felt great to work with both of them.

“Kejiyaph: How to prepare for the role was 2lo Chapter?
I’m almost four years old in this role (laughs). Gone is the need to work harder for the role. I did it naturally ready.

“Kejiyaph: Chapter 2lo any sequence seemed to be challenging for you?
The movie has a lot of exciting and challenging scenes. I can’t say anything about that. You will find the answer if the movie is released.

When will the film shooting be over?
One day all the filming was done except for the patch work.