Sonu Sood is in a good mood .. 100 phones as a gift to the members of ‘Acharya’ unit

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The actor, who was recognized across the country as a humanitarian with extraordinary service during the lockdown, has once again expressed his golden mind. He gifted 100 smart phones to the poor cine workers who worked with him. Sonu Sood, who is currently in Hyderabad for the shooting of ‘Acharya’, gifted smartphones to 100 people on the set. These include set boys, lightmen, assistant directors and more. They were all very happy with the gift given by Sonu Sood. These photos have now gone viral on social media. Sonu Sood, on the other hand, is saving lives by performing free heart surgeries on children. Recently, Kongala Venkateshwarlu, a resident of Thiruvoor Mandal, Krishnajilla, underwent surgery on the daughter of a Saraswati couple. 15 months old suffers from premature heart problem. Venkateshwar and Saraswati are in a situation where their daughter cannot be treated as they belong to a poor family. Jana Vijnana Veedika spokesperson M. Rampradeep brought the situation of the child to the attention of Sonu Sood through social media. He responded immediately and arranged for the child to pay for the operation. Rs 4.50 lakh was provided for surgery at a Mumbai hospital. The child, who recovered after treatment, reached Munukulla on Monday along with his parents. The child’s parents thanked Sonu Sood for donating their life to their child.