Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Tammi .. Bring your wife Christian Annav from somewhere .. Can you tell me the name of the tree?

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Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan .. KA Paul made shocking comments that seven parties have changed without winning the party as an MLA .. as an MP. Tirupati Ake Paul made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan in the wake of the by-election. On this occasion Pawan Kalyan Did you make shocking comments that you are a BJP agent? KA Paul Saying .. ‘Pawan Kalyan’s younger brother once told his fans loudly .. Is it weird that seven parties have not changed yet. Your original party was Prajarajyam .. then joined the Congress. Then CPI CPM .. then BSP Mayawati on Paddav’s younger brother .. again BJP annav .. again now BJP annunnav.

Annav will contest in Telangana next .. Annav will support BJP which will not contest after that. Do you have a five per cent vote bank? The BJP does not have even one per cent voting. If you are not a BJP agent then you are definitely contesting in Tirupati.

Telugu people are not fools .. Kapulara .. Badugu weaker sections of the people .. Watch what Pawan Kalyan is doing. My wife is Christian .. I say my daughter is Christian .. Why do you sell nuts by the name of the tree. Where do Christians call their wives? If you really have honesty .. If you have respect for your fans .. If you really want to serve you, stand in Tirupati .. Or stand by your brother .. Stand by any person belonging to your party in Tirupati by poll. Then prove that Nuw is not a BJP agent.

If you compete in New Tirupati, many people will support me. Campaign .. No one should vote for BJP .. But no one should vote for Telugudesam party which is supporting that party .. YCP party which is doing as BJP said .. But Pawan Kalyan party. We have to defeat it drastically ‘, said KA Paul to the voters of Tirupati.