Krack Day 1 Collections: Ravi Teja Mass Kick .. Crack First Day Detail Collection Report

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Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja The latest movie to come as a hero is Crack. The movie, which got a success talk by kicking the masses with its first show, is being successfully screened in all areas. His fans are paying homage to Ravi Teja’s performance. With this, Crack Movie got decent collections on the first day. The two Telugu states together earned about Rs 8 crore and overseas combined earned Rs 10 crore.

In fact, the film was supposed to be released on January 9 with the Morning Show. On the day of its release, it opened with the Night Show for some unavoidable reason. This turned out to be the first day as the full shows were shown on the second day after they became movie premiere shows. Crack seems to be a decent hit at the box office with 6 crore 54 lakh shares with 50 occupancy.

If you look at the area wise crack collection report ..
Nizam- 2.28Cr
Seeded- 1Cr
Uttarandhra- 85L
East Godavari-48L
West Godavari-28L
Guntur- 65L
Krishna- 45L
Total AP / TG ​​share- 6.25CR
Total Gross: 10.5CR

In terms of ‘crack’ movie business, 16.5 crores should come for a movie break event in Telugu states. It will also own 17.5 crore shares worldwide. If another 10.25 crore shares are acquired after the collections achieved on the first day, it will fall into the crack safe zone. Trade analysts say that it is time for wallpapers to come, so it is easy to cross the break even and the profits will be fixed.