Implications for former CM’s wife .. Radhika Kumaraswamy in cheating case

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Sandalwood actress Radhika Kumaraswamy, wife of former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, is embroiled in a cheating case. The Bangalore Central Crime Branch police have issued summons to Radhika for allegedly transferring large sums of money from a person accused in a cheating case to her bank account. Ordered to appear before them for trial. With this, Radhika Kumaraswamy appeared before the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police on Friday. In December last year, CCB police arrested Yuvraj alias Swamy, a 52-year-old man who claimed to be a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist and extorted lakhs of rupees from some youths in the hope of getting government jobs. As part of the investigation, police found that Rs 75 lakh had been transferred from Yuvraj’s bank account to Radhika Kumaraswamy’s account. Summons were issued to prosecute her. However, Radhika revealed her acquaintance with Yuvraj at a media conference in Bangalore on Wednesday. “Yuvraj has a production house. He said that he was making a historical movie and asked me to act in it. I knew he was 17 and I said ok immediately. He said he would give me an advance of Rs 15 lakh. He transferred the money to my account, ”Radhika said. When asked by reporters about the remaining Rs 60 lakh, Yuvraj Bavamaridi revealed that he had been transferred from his account. The money was transferred from Yuvraj to Radhika Kumaraswamy’s bank account in February and March last year. Radhika said that Yuvraj also acted as an astrologer for the family. Yuvraj reveals that everything he said about his career and his father’s death came true. They were shocked to learn that he blindly believed Yuvraj and that he had been arrested by the police. However, CCB officials said that 100 checks worth Rs 91 crore were seized from Yuvraj’s house on December 16 after his arrest.