Four Stars for Ravi Teja ‘Crack’ Movie .. Katti Mahesh First Review

Four Stars for Ravi Teja ‘Crack’ Movie .. Katti Mahesh First Review

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King of Mass Ravi Teja The movie ‘Crack’ starring Sankranthi as a gift .. will be released in theaters on December 9. The film was well-received as it was the big movie ‘Crack’ to be released in theaters after the lockdown. Gopichand Malineni, who has provided blockbuster hit films like Don Sheen and Balupu to Ravi Teja, is all set to hit a hat trick with this film. The film stars Shruti Haasan opposite Ravi Teja.


A pre-release event has been arranged in Hyderabad on Wednesday as part of the movie promotions, which will be released on January 9 with huge expectations. Suma will be the host of the show. Controversial movie critic Katti Mahesh will be starring in the film.

Mahesh, who came to this pre-release event, said goodbye with his speech. Besides, Katti Mahesh, who gives reviews to every movie like a feather in the cap of an egg, has given four stars apart from the release of this movie.

Anchor Suma invites Katti Mahesh to speak .. ‘Will you give Stars now ??’ Joked that. He already has three stars (Ravi Teja is a police officer in this movie so he has three stars) .. I am adding another star to that three-star. I am giving four stars to the movie ‘Crack’, said Katti Mahesh.

Gopichand Malineni, the director of ‘Crack’ movie, can learn how to be on the set of a hit director. The precautions he takes for each shot but .. the way he briefs the actors .. the chemistry with the cameraman I learned all this from him within two to three days of shooting this film.

On the first day of shooting, a dialogue should be said in front of Ravi Teja .. I wanted to say whether it is a normal dialogue .. but he hesitated two or three times .. then Ravi Teja came forward .. no !! If there is a TV debate, Lepestav .. now what happened .. do that scene with that courage .. if it gets the credit, it will be Ravi Tejagari.

I was part of a good movie. This movie is about cinematographer Vishnu Gary. Some movies are good to see in theaters. Not good at OTT. Because of the quality of the film, the visual effects are fun to watch on the big screen. This movie is a must-see in movie theaters. I want this movie to be a big hit, ‘said Katti Mahesh.

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